How do you afford all your purchases? My parents hardly give me any money for shopping :(

My parents dont give me money for shopping either! My mum refuses to give me money unless its CNY or my birthday haha. My dad will give me money for food and public transport, but thats about it!

I started to buy and pay for everything myself ever since i got a job back in year 9. 75% goes into savings every paycheck, the other 15% accumalates into my spendings account haha :)

21.Aug.14 1 day ago
her instagram is private... so no.

Ohh, sorry haha.
It’d be weird for me to just post photos of her!!

18.Aug.14 4 days ago
What do you mean you have the ability to do well?

As in, im a pretty smart person, just i’ve slacked off these past two years. If i actually do my homework and study for sacs and exams, i’d be pulling A+’s in most of my sacs.

17.Aug.14 5 days ago