Do you allow your sister and you to share clothes/makeup?

I don’t share makeup with her, i dont share it with anyone to be honest haha! Just due to hygiene reasons, and someone of her age definitely does not need to be using high end makeup. But i’ll let her borrow my clothes if she asks me :)

19.Jul.14 6 days ago
You seem so nice on here! Yet I heard you're a bit pretentious...?

Haha! I gues its who youve heard it from.I wouldn’t  consider myself to be pretentious, but people may see me that way, im not sure!
Everyone has their own opinions on others and i guess thats how people may seem to judge me if thats what you’ve heard! Not too many people know me well, actually, very few people really know me. I limit myself from getting close to others, so you’ve probably heard it from someone who doesn’t know me well and is either judging from my instagram/twitter, or off how they see me. 

19.Jul.14 6 days ago
Arent you an east sider...

Nah i’m not haha, i live in west side! Not in the asian suburbs though

19.Jul.14 6 days ago
I love your hair! did you perm straighten it? or is it naturally straight?

Aww thank you haha!
My natural hair is naturally straight, but i’ve rebonded (permanantly straightened) it in the past though :)

26.Jun.14 4 weeks ago
how tall are you?

174cm ! :)

26.Jun.14 4 weeks ago
do you have any clothing brands that you could to recommend me? i honestly don't know where to buy my clothes anymore! HAHA

It depends on your style i guess! Topshop and H&M are so versatile and everything is really affordable and wearable from there!

26.Jun.14 4 weeks ago
do you study a lot?

Yeah kind of! I use to study heaps more than i do now, but i’ve slacked off so much these past two years..
Gotta get my shit back together for year 12 next year though!

26.Jun.14 4 weeks ago
Do you like anyone atm?

I’m interested in someone, wouldn’t say i like them yet though haha

09.Jun.14 1 month ago