Show us a picture of you without makeup and your tits not showing you'll probably look better

Hahahaha alright

14.Apr.14 6 days ago
Hi, I was just wondering if you knew any good shops or online stores in Melbourne that had nice and cheap formal dresses? :))

Try Kookai! 
If you’re looking for cheap, try those asian stores, i think theres on in melbourne central haha!

Iconic sells nice dresses, same with asos and lucy in the sky!

02.Apr.14 2 weeks ago
What bb cream would you recommend using? :) And what would you use to apply it?

Ahhh!! I love bb creams so much!
There are just soo many out there, and i have too many favourites!

It really depends on your skin type, whether you’re looking for a natural finish, matte or dewy, full coverage or light coverage, light or dark shade choices?

My personal favourite is Missha Perfect cover bb cream in shade 27! It gives me a nice natural finish, looks like im not even wearing makeup, but at the same time gives me amazing coverage for a bb cream! Bad thing about it is its very grey toned, so only suitable for me in winter! But i can use it to make foundations lighter etc.

My second favourite is Holika Holika aqua petit jelly bb cream! I was recommended this by a friend, and its sooo good! The texture is so unique, and it gives my face this nice natural glow! Again, the shades are limited! I chose the darker one, but it has a slight pink undertone to it! But still wearable for asian skin! Feels like nothing on your skin!

I usually apply my bb creams with a flat top kabuki brush or a flat top angled kabuki foundation brush! Sometimes i use my beauty blender if i want more natural coverage!

Some other good bb creams ive tried are Bobbi Brown BB cream, Skin 79 Gold Premier bb cream, Etude House precious bb cream and Missha Matte bb cream!

Would definitely avoid drugstore bb creams! I hate them so much.., they break me out like crazy, make you oily and look unnatural and greasy!

17.Mar.14 1 month ago
do you have naturally curly hair? if not how does it get so nice wavey curls

No i don’t! Haha
i rarely curl my hair anymore as its so damaged from dying!
I just get natural curls from tying my hair in 4 buns before i sleep when its about 85% dry!
Then when i wake up the next morning, i get natural looking curls!
Sometimes i curl my hair though, just with a straightener though!

17.Mar.14 1 month ago

You know when you see things that can spark memories from the past? How a picture, a few words, a song or even a place bring back things you’ve tried so hard to forget about?

I hate it. I hate trying to pretend that im happy when i’m not, that i’m over everything and that i’ve forgotten about what happened. 

It just makes me so angry seeing you acting all pretentious after what has happened. So obnoxious and ignorant.. zzz

15.Mar.14 1 month ago




why do people say “don’t be a pussy” when talking about weakness more like “don’t be a man’s ego” because you know there isn’t nothing more fragile than that


because “pussy” is the shortened form of the word “pusillanimous”, which means “timid, cowardly”

and not the slang word for the genital region?

literally no one else knows this. nobody. 

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11.Mar.14 1 month ago
Hi Kathryn, I have naturally black hair but i want a medium ash blond colour. Would I be able to achieve this without bleach using John Frieda's box dye in 8A or do i have to use a lighter blond dye like 10A OR 9A?

If you’re hair is black, its going to take more than one round of dying to get it to a medium brown colour without bleaching! To get it to my colour, ive dyed it wayyyy more than 15 times. But its only when i started using blonde dye instead of brown that i started seeing a change in colour!!
Definitely go for the lightest colour in the range, i usually use 10N or 10A!

If you have long hair, use two boxes. Its hard to get an ash colour without bleach though, so most likely it’ll just go to brown :)

11.Mar.14 1 month ago
Are your friends into korean stuff like you are?

Umm not really haha! 
All my school friends are white, so they’re not into it. Some of my friend out of school are though! 

05.Mar.14 1 month ago
what foundation do you use on a daily basis and to parties?

I dont wear foundation on a daily basis! 
I use BB cream, sometimes mixed with a foundation for extra coverage, but rarely!
BB creams are much better for daily use as they let your skin breathe a little more, reduces breakouts, looks more natural and has some great benefits for your skin!
But i usually just use my Max studio fix in NC30! Its good because its yellow toned for my skin, but im looking to change to Nars, hourglass or stilla!

05.Mar.14 1 month ago
you may not use drugstore foundations but do you know any good ones that you would recommend?

Yes! Ive swatched my friends Revlon photoready colorstay foundation and it looks amazing! Im actually thinking of trying it out. Also, fit me foundation is suppose to be really good!

05.Mar.14 1 month ago